JPP Marketing Advanced Web Analytics

Advanced Web Analytics

Web analytics is a much underutilised area, especially in Cyprus, and in most cases where analytics data is available, it is not always configured to provide the most valuable information which can affect the bottom line. If you do have a website, it is important to understand how it is being used and who is accessing it, how you are being found and where your potential clients are coming from.

Working with you, JPP Marketing web analytics consultants will provide a diagnosis of your website performance with detailed traffic analysis and practical steps to quickly improve your results.

During an in-depth review of your site usage, you will be provided with a breakdown and conclusions (based on comparison of past and also against benchmarks of other sites in your industry) of your site performance.

This will allow you to better understand:

  • How usage of your site differs across geographic markets, and which resources are valuable so you can add more of them
  • Which traffic sources provide better conversion so that you can better allocate and optimise your online marketing budgets
  • What keywords you are being found on and associated with in the search engines.

JPP Marketing provides support and set up of web analytics including configuration of success metrics and conversion tracking, to enable businesses to effectively measure which marketing campaigns are delivering real results for the business. Consulting services can also be provided to help track and measure the success of campaigns such as print advertisements, marketing email campaigns and banner ad campaigns on other websites.