Our Internet Marketing Services

Our agency provides online/internet marketing services and primarily focuses on 3 main areas of expertise as we believe specialisation helps us to stay focused and keep ahead in our areas. For this reason, we are primarily dedicated to providing 3 main in-house services of SEO, PPC and web analytics, although we are able to provide a full spectrum of services via our partners when required.


Search Engine

Our clients have enjoyed extensive growth in search engine traffic following our optimization projects and we like to encourage you to consider long-term growth in SEO with ongoing content development to encourage link building and maintenance of your positions. Ongoing link building and SEO maintenance will also enable you to begin ranking for even more relevant and related search terms which bring you more qualified traffic.

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Web analytics is a much-underutilised area, especially in Cyprus, and in most cases where analytics data is available, it is not always configured to provide the most valuable information which can affect the bottom line. If you do have a website, it is important to understand how it is being used and who is accessing it, how you are being found and where your potential clients are coming from.

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Paid Search Marketing includes the use of sponsored ads on pay per click services such as Google Ads and Bing as well as other regional search engines such as Yandex or Baidu in order to bring targeted traffic to your site. The benefit of paid search is that you are only advertising to a client who has already indicated an interest in your product and you will only pay if they visit your site.

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