About us

What does JPP Marketing do?

We provide clients with digital marketing services, primarily search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising and web analytics. We provide this either on a consulting basis or as an agency to which you can outsource complete projects, and we will work closely with your in-house marketing, internal or external designers and developers or senior management.

Based in Limassol, Cyprus, JPP Marketing helps businesses improve their online presence and optimise their websites to not only improve the customer experience but increase results and conversions. JPP also develops and manages online advertising campaigns, including Google AdWords and Bing paid search and display advertising, and our aim is to improve return on investment. We actively encourage education and training of our clients’ staff in online marketing initiatives. We also provide web analytics support to web developers and agencies for better measurement of website performance and assessment of marketing activities and campaigns against targeted objectives.

Who are online marketing services from JPP for?

Companies and Organisations who need to:
  • Improve their online presence or website performance
  • Promote their services or brand online
  • improve customer retention, loyalty and build lasting client relationships
Web Developers or Ad Agencies who need to:
  • Better measure what they are building and set up tracking for clients

We have an open honest partnership approach whereby knowledge is shared. We are also very enthusiastic about educating you and your key staff in digital marketing initiatives – to equip you with the tools & knowledge needed to continue the work we will do together and to ensure the huge opportunities presented by online marketing for your business are fully appreciated and explored.

Why is JPP different?

With previous experience both client and agency-side with large blue-chip clients, we are able to apply our knowledge with a personal understanding and appreciation of your business needs. There is a shortage of technologically aware marketers, with a traditional marketing background and an emphasis on data.

We are passionate about metrics and about our customers understanding and appreciating the measurability of online marketing through web analytics, so you will find we insist on measurement when we work with you.

We also feel it is important that your overall online and offline marketing activities and campaigns complement each other and are always focused on your ideal customer profiles, so resources are not wasted.

JPP aims to bridge the gap between the opportunities provided by the internet and your traditional marketing strategy.

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