Display Ads

Display Ads

Display Ads are another variance of PPC advertising and can comprise of banners, text or video ads. Delivered through several networks, the biggest being the Google Display Network, display ads appear on websites that are relevant and within context (they don’t appear in search results of search engines). They can also target users based on their browsing behaviour or interests.

You can choose the types of websites you want your ad to appear through placement targeting and by using display keywords so that your ad is shown on sites showing content associated with your keywords. This means your ads are likely to be served to the right people seeking or with an active interest products or services similar to yours.

Display Ads more than compensate for having a lower click-through-rate by generating high impression levels and increased brand exposure due to targeting larger audiences. They are an effective brand awareness and engagement tool in that they can be targeted to specific audiences based on interests, demographics, and even active purchase intent or interesting life events such as graduation or getting married.

There are also many other types of interesting audience targeting options available on Display which allow us to serve ads to those browsing content categories of interest or website which have similar audiences to your own, or to target users whose browsing behaviour indicates they are highly likely to be potential prospects.

They are usually delivered in one of four different formats, namely image ads (incorporating an image, background colour and tailored layouts); text ads (include title, descriptions and URL like those in Google search); rich media ads (image ads that integrate interactive elements and/or animations), and video ads (ads into which videos are embedded).
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Display can be an extremely powerful tool for raising awareness and can complement activities you are carrying out on search or even offline, so ask us now about how you can take advantage of Display ads for your business or service.

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