JPP Marketing PPC


Paid Search Marketing includes the use of sponsored ads on pay per click services such as Google Adwords and Bing as well as other regional search engines such as Yandex or Baidu in order to bring targeted traffic to your site. The benefit of paid search is that you are only advertising to a client who has already indicated an interest in your product and you will only pay if they visit your site.

Setting up and managing these campaigns properly can bring very different results. A paid search marketing expert can drive up your click through rates, your quality score and lower your cost per click. Most important of all, is the continous effort to optimise your paid search budget in order to ensure you spend money on converting customers.

Paid search or Pay Per Click Campaign Set Up and Management as well as Display Campaign Set Up and Management is offered by JPP Marketing. As a Google  Partner in Cyprus, showing a level of competence and understanding officially recognized by Google, you can be sure that your campaigns will be optimized in order to achieve the best return on investment for your money. We are the only agency in Cyprus to have 2 Google Adwords Qualified Individuals in-house and to also have passed requirements for specialisation in all areas of Adwords including search advertising, display advertising, reporting and analysis.

We also have Google Analytics qualified team members to ensure that your campaign effectiveness is correctly measured and evaluated, rather than just sending you traffic and clicks.

The Google Adwords system has made pay per click advertising accessible to all and the user friendly set up of the system means that many people can very easily and very quickly get their campaigns online. Unfortunately though, for many, this is where the process ends, and their campaigns are left running live with no further interefence, and there lies a wasted opportunity.

Through tracking and managing your campaigns you can not only consistently find new opportunities for targeting keywords or improving results, but you can also ensure your budget is focused on campaigns which produce converting customers, rather than just bringing traffic to your website. Through combining analytics for ongoing measurement of results and a deeper understanding of the Adwords system, JPP can not only improve your campaigns performance, but also lower your costs.

With JPP Marketing, we can take all the hassle away and set up your campaigns for you. We carry out detailed keyword research and phrase selection to identify the best opportunities for you to bring targeted traffic to your site. We can create all your ad copy and set up your campaign targeting, ad groups and conversion tracking and provide recommendations on landing pages and suggested optimization to improve results.

We also offer an ongoing paid search management package to look after your campaigns and keep optimising, finding new keyword opportunities and dropping low performing words, ads and campaigns. Our focus is always on keeping your budgets tight with campaign performance and business results are our top priorities. We will work with you to ensure that the countries you are targeting, the products and services your are promoting and the keyphrases we are optimizing for are the best fit for your business and produce results in terms of your business objectives whether they be new leads or actual sales.

As part of our compliance as a Google Partner, we are pleased to provide Google’s complete disclosure for working with third party partners.