Our team of qualified individuals of Google Adwords in Cyprus is growing!

We are proud to announce that an additional member of our team has recently met the requirements to become a Google Adwords Qualified Individual. In addition to this, our company has also added further areas of specialisation to our certification in Google Adwords including display advertising, reporting and analysis, as well as search advertising, offering a complete range of services for Google Adwords in Cyprus.

With only a very small number of agencies in Cyprus meeting Google’s requirements for becoming Google Adwords Certified Partner and currently, we are currently the only agency in Cyprus with more than 1 qualified individual and with specialisation in all the available areas of Google Adwords, showing a superior level of competence awarded and verified by Google.

Here at JPP Marketing, as a Certified Partner of Google Adwords in Cyprus, we strongly believe in ongoing learning and training of our team members in all areas of proficiency as the functionality available continues to change rapidly. There are many new functionalities and services provided from this hugely successful and effective platform such as mobile ads, video ads and new targeting methods so we feel it is important for us to keep up to date, through our ongoing qualification examinations, in order to offer our clients the latest solutions and of course the best results.

As a Google Adwords Certified Partner, we are also able to provide promotional credits to all new clients for €75 of free advertising with Google Adwords. To find out more about how you to get qualified targeted traffic and results from your PPC campaigns, get in touch with us today!
Read our full press release about our latest qualifications.