Long Tail Search Phrases

Using one or two words as a Search Phrase is quite good for a large amount of websites out there – it does not narrow down the target market too much, but it does not really specify it a great deal either. On the other hand, three or four-word phrases in the Meta Data are more commonly known as ‘long tail keywords’ or ‘long tail search phrases’, and they are more likely to appeal to a specific market. In the majority of cases, these Long Tail Search phrases are more likely to provide a sales platform rather than provide more information.

The great news for these longer Search phrases, is that they are easier to rank higher than a single or double keyword phrase, as long as they are targeted at a specific niche – eg using Search Engine Optimisation Agency in Cyprus rather than Search Engine Optimisation. This is because using a generic phrase like ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ will bring up results from all over the world, tutorials, plus rather generic phrases and companies. Having the ‘Agency’ included in the search request narrows down the results, as does ‘Cyprus,’ and having the combination of the two brings up much fewer results.

This technique is great if you are running an e-commerce venture, as you’d be able to directly attract a smaller market section, but one which is looking to purchase the product, creating a higher return on investment, compared to having a more generic phrase that is going to attract people looking for information.

Bear in mind, however, that having only Long Tail Search Phrases in paid search campaigns may be reducing traffic to such an extent that any PPC marketing effort is rendered less effective. At an early stage of any planning process, a choice needs to be made between having 1 keyword to send 100 visitors each day, or 100 keywords to send you one buyer a day.