What is Social Media? By Marta Kagan – A Great Presentation

Social Media is confusing for many. Almost daily, I find I need to convince clients of the benefits of this medium to their business. The truth is, the internet has changed, it is no longer just another promotional vehicle for businesses to get their message out to the masses, and every business must adapt to meet these changes in order to harness the powerful marketing opportunities it provides.

Social Media, unlike other traditional channels such as TV or print, is a two-way process. You are not only expected to talk to your customers on a more personal level with customized offerings and innovative approaches, but you are also expected to engage with them, communicate in a dialogue and interact with them, even on a one-to-one level when appropriate. Many companies have been forced onto social media, purely through the fact that customers, usually unsatisfied, have created such a noise through social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, that they had to reply, and have since established a presence on these networks, with amazing results.

One of my favourite presentations on social media, which is meant for those who are not yet convinced, was recently updated by its creator Marta Kagan. Although the language is not too client friendly, it is a fantastic snapshot into the importance of getting social, and I would highly encourage those who are not yet into it to view it here:

Presentation on what-the-fk-is-social-media-one-year-later