What were people searching for on Google during the Super Bowl?

As we already know, Super Bowl is a huge football event which happens every year in the United States and offers a great advertising opportunity for big companies with deep pockets!
This year’s Super Bowl was not only filled with action but also with a 34-minute-long power outage which resulted in numerous funny Tweets during the power cut.

According to Google’s Official Blog , during this year’s Super Bowl, people were not only searching for the teams which were playing, as Ravens was the most highly searched team, but also for Beyoncé and M&M’s. Searches for Beyoncé spiked during her performance

The top trending online searches during the game were:
• M&M’s
• Beyonce
• Baltimore Ravens
• San Francisco 49ers
• Colin Kaepernic

And it’s not only that. Youtube online searches for commercials during the game also showed amazing numbers. This year many advertisers used YouTube for teaser videos during the days before the game and the big game ads or ad teasers, which had more than 66 million views before game day.