What’s in store for SEO in 2015?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not something that you can ‘set and forget’.
It’s constantly transforming due to a range of factors, be it Google altering their algorithms, the critical use of high quality unique content as part of an overall content marketing plan and the changes in the way users themselves search.

What do we need to know about SEO in 2015?

Traffic and Conversions
Organic traffic is growing year on year and is driving conversions at an exponential rate.  In fact, according to Search Engine Watch, ‘conversions from natural search – whether purchases at an online store, opening an account, or filling out a contact form – were up an impressive 27 percent compared to 2013’.

Further, with practically everybody using mobile devices, websites no longer have any excuse to offer anything other than a mobile friendly experience.  So much so that Google’s anticipated changes to their SERPs for mobile friendliness will see the rankings of sites who don’t offer a good mobile experience punished.

Even search engines themselves are changing.  They now want to answer your questions, not give you a list of websites to sift through for the answer. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update exemplifies this. As KISSmetrics says, Hummingbird’s goal is to provide results that actually answer the question.
It’s clear that 2015 will see brands having to become more SEO conscious to meet their objectives when it comes to search engine marketing.
Our director, Julia Papageorgiou will be holding a one hour workshop on ‘Mastering SEO in 2015’, discussing some of these points in more detail at the Insights Conference which takes place on 28-29 March 2015 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Julia will cover the basics of SEO, look at some of the key ranking factors for 2015 and provide some useful techniques and tools to helps startups to implement their SEO strategy.  To get your tickets for this great event for entrepreneurs in Cyprus, register now.